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How does the colour of your outfit impact your mood?

I have to admit, and I hope many can relate, I avoid wearing certain colours because I think it “doesn’t suit me” or it “washes me out”. I was always so certain that specific colours made me look better or feel better and guess what? Research can back this up.

What if I told you that research has proven that certain colours can make us feel a certain way? It can make us feel confident or happy. Cool, I know.

Let’s paint this picture, it’s a Monday morning, you’ve had a long (boozy) weekend and you’re not feeling up for much except a relaxing spa day. Well, throw on a blue outfit and I promise you’ll feel calmer and more relaxed. According to Psychology Today, the colour blue affects us both “cognitively and affectively, making us feel more comfortable.” So that blue dress you have, or the cerulean jumper hanging in your closet can definitely benefit you on these days.

Yellow, pink and orange are great contributors for evoking happiness. I can definitely agree that these colours help me feel content and light. Their brighter hues not only project positivity and warmth but also allow you to feel happier for those days where you’re feeling a bit gloomy or under the weather. Make sure to make yourself shine!

Now, I feel like this one is a little more obvious or known, but red projects an image of power and confidence. So, that interview you’re nervous for, maybe consider a red ensemble to let the interviewer know that you mean business! For your date on Friday night or a well needed night out with your friends, look and feel amazing. You can’t go wrong with red.

I love a good pastel, they’re definitely my favourite colour palette. 99 Designs have claimed that cool toned colours, especially pastels like baby blue, lilac and mint have “a calming and relaxing effect.” So, feeling anxious or overly stressed? Try to throw on a cool toned outfit and see how it affects you. Hopefully, it works its magic.

I’ll share a little tip from me; Adopt these colours into your wardrobe and incorporate them into your everyday outfits. Colour is a powerful communication tool, it allows us to express ourselves, our emotions and personalities. So, use this to your advantage and wear your colourful outfits with pride and confidence.

I hope this helps! x

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