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Out in Shoreditch

If you’re ever around Shoreditch area these are some this I would recommend doing! First of all if hungry I would obviously suggest a curry, there are so many amazing smells on brick lane of curry restaurants and I suggest trying Aladin! I would trust most of the restaurants however checking reviews beforehand is a good idea. Whilst in the area street art wallpapers the streets it is unmissable and if into that kind of thing you’ll be able to recognise some of the different artists work.

If walking down Brick Lane on a weekend and around Spitalfields area there are a lot of market and food stalls with free samples being given out definitely try to get some falafel! Also if around Old Street area I recommend visiting a place called Bounce where you drink whilst playing ping pong (however it gets very full on a weekend, so a weekday is probably better for a visit!). There are lots of bars near this area including ‘The Magic Roundabout’ which you can only access by subway in the middle of Old Street Roundabout, also nearby in Hoxton Square there is a cute bar called ‘Zigfreds’, which has a cool holiday vibe interior.

If you’re wanting a night out The Blues Kitchen, Queen of Hoxton or The Hoxton Pony are all a good shout. If looking for an event in Shoreditch there are other event spaces such as Village underground which hosts big nights. A perfect breakfast after a night out should be spent at ‘The Breakfast Club’ they have two chains in the area one in Old street and another in Liverpool Street – you also cant book here, if its busy they text you when your table is ready which is useful so you don’t have to hang around in line.

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