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When visiting Amsterdam this time we explored the canals walked around, looked in coffee shops and other mostly clothes shops. We visited one of the many cheese museums (they’re everywhere!) they give lots of free samples, and offer some odd flavours including pesto cheese and beer cheese which are actually alright!

We visited the Anne Frank house which I didn’t get the chance to do last time I was there, it is definitely worth a visit. You get given a little audio device which you take into each room and it automatically picks up on the story in each room. The tour leads around the annex where her family lived for 2 years without being found. I recommend booking before you go as it’s a long wait if not (we had tickets and still had to wait to get in).

We also explored the main shops and the famous square. We had beers at a cute little bar called ‘café de twee zwaantjes’ on one of the canals which was really good as the waitress kept feeding us free samosas and little bites to get us to stay- this of course worked! Before we left as a last day treat we went to a restaurant called ‘Mama Kellys’ which was on the edge of Amsterdam’s old Olympic Stadium and quite far out of the centre, we got taxis there and back as it was quite a trek. The interior was really cool and all pink with nice cocktails and cute instagramable spots perfect for a girly evening!

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