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The ultimate staycation!

I’m sure over the last few months you’ve thought to yourself, “I need a break!” But with the pandemic over our heads, travelling is out of the question for most.

(That is unless you’re willing to spend an extra 2 weeks in quarantine awaiting your arrival back home!)

Well … have you considered a 'staycation'?

In lieu of travelling abroad, this getaway is the ideal ‘home away from home’ and will allow you to save your money on travel and discover the beauty of our phenomenal country.

In short, a staycation is an extraordinary vacation without the extraordinary journey.

I know what you’re thinking, but where should I go? I’m here to round up some of the best staycation destinations in the UK; a bang for your buck to guarantee an extraordinary and stress-free experience.

Old Mill Treehouse – Bath, Somerset

Starting at £120 p/n, this idyllic treehouse getaway fuses adventure and relaxation for an ideal vacation for yourself, couples and families. You can even bring your dog! This staycation is definitely worth your time.

Loose Reins – Dorset

Described as “luxury glamping with a frontier charm” this getaway provides the experience of the stunning English countryside. Your stay will be met with peace and tranquillity, as you watch your stress melt away.

Portbeg Holiday Homes – Donegal, Ireland

These modern and welcoming homes are the perfect family friendly hosts. Indulge in activities such as surfing, horse-riding and golfing, among a plethora of many more, and enjoy a laidback family vacation.

Dreamcatcher Lodges – Stirling, Scotland

Luxury log cabins located in the remote Scottish woodlands, this domestic escape is ideal for the quiet, relaxing weekend away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It even had an outdoor bathtub, what more could you want?

Grantley Hall – Yorkshire Dale

Definitely for the more luxury eye, this staycation encases you in splendour and magnificence. Treat yourself to a weekend of unbeatable spa treatments and fine dining in this exquisite resort.

Okay, let’s discuss more unique places. Definitely one’s worthy of quirky Instagram posts, I know I’m guilty of this!

The Chalet – Wye Valley

I’m a huge fan of the Netflix show, Sex Education, as I’m sure a fair number of people are! So, why not stay at Otis Milburn’s dreamy, scenic house; nestled in the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean, bordering Wales and Gloucestershire? It’s unbeatable views and peaceful environment will definitely provide the staycation of a lifetime. (Don’t forget to recreate the iconic balcony scenes!)

For more information, visit

The Old Vicarage – Eye, Suffolk

This next one is definitely for the hardcore film and Shakespeare fans out there. I’m sure you know that Stratford-upon-Avon is the go-to place to visit if you’re interested in William Shakespeare’s history. But, have you ever wanted to stay in the exact bed featured in the Oscar winning film, Shakespeare in Love? Well … you’re in luck.

This fabulous Victorian cottage located in Suffolk was featured in the 1998 drama and boasts the same extravagance as displayed on screen. Perfect for couples, this is definitely nothing short of romantic. Book your stay on Airbnb!

Okay, this next one is undoubtedly unique, it’s what I would describe as … a very advanced treehouse. Definitely one to cross off the bucket list.

This unique structure is nothing short of extraordinary. It stands 10ft off the ground, so, you can almost feel like you’re levitating? Tucked into miles of woodlands, this location is perfect for the adventurer at heart. Completed with a full kitchen and pizza oven, you’re spoilt endlessly.

Narrowboat Holiday – England + Wales

One of my earliest memories, is seeing a river boat down the river Thames and being absolutely awestruck at the fact that people can live while technically floating! My dad spent ages after that trying to explain to me that some people live like that every day, so obviously, it’s come to no surprise that this has been transformed into a possible vacation.

So … why not try a narrowboat staycation? Cruise down idyllic English rivers and explore the country like you’ve never seen it before, while floating!

So, this concludes my list of luxury, peaceful and quirky staycation destinations in the UK, for your temporary home away from home. Take this list as your sign to book your staycation now!

If I had to pick one, which is hard because they’re all insanely amazing, I know I definitely would have to pay homage to Jean Milburn and stay in her stunning hilltop home, I mean, I’m completely enamoured by that view!

So please, take this as your sign to give yourself a well deserved break and book that staycation.

Relax … you won’t regret it.

Jessica Grant

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