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As if you need another reason to visit Scotland! The V&A Museum is opening in Dundee this Septem

As a young person who is pondering my imminent career choices, a question that is most frequently asked is where would you like to work? In an ideal world it would be great to stay surrounded by your family and childhood friends until you are up on your feet and ready to fly the nest. Although for me growing up in the surroundings of the north-east coastal city of Dundee this has never been an option due to the limitations of career development in this area.

Although Dundee is considered Scotland’s fourth largest city it has not progressed vastly in terms of business or lifestyle within the entire duration of my life. Much of the heavy industry that once built the city was obliterated in the 70’s, since then the most prominent career opportunities within this city were in vocations such as medicine or journalism. Which is a very narrow category especially for a creative youngster like myself.

Thankfully, it is a very exciting time for the city of “Jute, jam and journalism’” as the rebirth of area of Dundee is nigh as the development of the Victoria and Albert Museum is set to be one of the most popular Scottish tourist attractions. As the grand opening approaches, the hype around this new development heightens, for many locals this is a great opportunity for business and has provided a platform for the incredible creativity of Scottish people.

In order to make way for the V&A a major re-vamp of the city’s water front was required, in order to highlight what is left of the cities Medieval and Victorian architecture. This has included tearing down dated infrastructures and re-mapping and simplifying the roads around the seafront in order to extenuate the beautiful Museum. The Museum itself has been designed by renowned award-winning Japanese Architects, Kengo Kuma & Associates and differs dramatically to the current surroundings. Although, I personally love the design as it really embodies the modern and beautiful change that Dundee desperately requires.

Not only will the museum provide jobs and and boost the cities overall economy, it will provide a well-deserved community with a creative hub of inspiration that will encourage youth within all areas of creativity such as art, culture and technology. As Dundee has a myriad of creative groups as well as a University dedicated to the Arts, Duncan of Jordanstone, it has lacked interest due to the jaded perception of the ‘invisible city’.

As a local I can confirm that the general consensus on Dundee is that it is ‘on the rise’. While this small area will never be in competition with the likes of London, the V&A will host international touring exhibitions and will be the only location in the UK outside of London to do so. While we will never be able to complete with the leaders of creative and business innovation in terms of scale, the city is clearly open to adapt and finally adopt a fresher outlook on the presence of the creative industry within the city.

That is why I think everyone should visit Dundee within the nearing future as this is the dawning of a new age of Dundonians.

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