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Glam-Gran: Getting more beautiful with age

Whoops, this Glam-ma certainly isn't G-rated.

This is in-fact my very own Grandmother, she goes by the name of Marion but I personally believe 'Granma' suits her more. This picture is the result of a university project, where we were given the task to work with a photographer to capture pictures worthy of a magazine. The genre, model, apparel, hair and make-up was all to be sourced and no budget was given.

Unfortunately, due to my ill-heath and admission to hospital, I was unable to work at the same pace as my peers, neither was I able submit my project along with my other classmates. Thus, meaning I did not have the option to work in a pair anymore, moreover, I had to source everything myself. Luckily, I have the best family in the world. I had the pleasure of asking my auntie to be my photographer and I asked my grandmother to be my model. These are women I have looked up to my entire life and having my grandma as my muse was perfect as she is the most outgoing and selfless model I have ever met, not bad for a 70 odd year old I’d say.

For this photoshoot I put my gran in my very own glad rags and dolled her up like I would myself. Not only did I enjoy this process my gran did too, it was amazing to see her embracing her beauty and enjoying herself. I personally think she could have made a career for herself in modelling, instead she went down the route of being a business partner of a borehole drilling company, each to their own I suppose.

This blog is a showcase of the hard work put into this project as unfortunately my work will not be displayed in the physical magazine, but I couldn't keep these beautiful photos of my grandmother to myself. It’s fair to say she was a natural and her beauty has no bounds. She looks powerful and sophisticated in half of the shoot the other half she looks eccentric and cheeky, especially when I'm coaxing her into doing the middle finger, though I must admit it looks like she enjoyed that pose the most.

So this post goes out to my gran, here is a small collection of my favourite shots. Stay funky Granma!

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