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Spring Beauty Trends to Try This Season

Rainbow Eyeshadow

Neutral colours have been a go to look for a long time, however as the weather warms up why not try a brighter look? Bright colours don't have to be scary if you wear them right. A pink inner-corner is subtle yet fun, as seen on Kylie Jenner. Or use pastel shades to create an ethereal look. Blending is key for this look! Here is a great tutorial if you need a little extra help.

(@katiejanehughes, @kyliejenner)

Bright Liner

This spring eyeliner comes in all of the shades of the rainbow to make a bold statement. Whether it be rich jewel tones or bright neons, the brighter the better. For a sharp look use a liquid liner, or for a smoked out vibe a kohl pencil works best. If eyeliner proves too difficult, why not use an eyeshadow on a liner brush for a beginner friendly technique. My favourite liquid liners are the Nyx Vivid Brights liquid liners, that come in a great variety of shades. Even better, Nyx is cruelty-free!


A great way to bring together a look is to pick one shade and run with it. Whether it be a pastel pink or a warm orange, this look is put together and can be as bold as you like. To create this look use a liquid lipstick in your desired colour and blend a matching shade all over your lid. Tip: if you want an exact match use your lipstick as a cream eyeshadow! The best liquid lipsticks for this are the Jeffree Star cosmetics liquid lipsticks, that are not only eye-safe but also cruelty free and totally vegan.

Wet Skin

Nothing says summer more than glowing, wet-look skin.Inspired by the Korean glass skin trend, natural coverage foundation and a liquid illuminator are the perfect pairing for this look that lets the skin be the focus. This look isn't just for models with perfect skin, if you've got problem areas spot conceal with your favourite concealer instead of a full coverage product all over the skin. Lisa Eldridge has a great tutorial here.My products of choice would be the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops which give an amazing glossy finish without feeling sticky. Another great cruelty-free, vegan brand.

Colourful Mascara

You might remember blue mascara as your childhood makeup favourite, however this season colourful mascara is making a comeback in a grown up way. In all colours of the rainbow, coloured mascara is the perfect way to makeup pop. For a subtle take on the trend match your mascara to your eyeshadow and only apply on your bottom lashes for a cohesive look. If you are feeling brave choose the brightest shade and apply top and bottom! A great mascara is the Urban Decay Special Effect Coloured Mascara.

Golden Girl

Go golden with your makeup this spring on your skin, eyes and lips. Gold makes your tan pop and gives you a gorgeous glow. Pair a golden highlight with a foiled shadow for the perfect sun-kissed look. Blinding highlight has been on trend for seasons and it definitely will be here to stay for spring! The new Anastasia Beverly Hills Loose Highlighter in So Hollywood will be a great way to get the look and can be used on the face and the eyes.

Written by Ellie Colyer. Visit me here.

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