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London Fashion Week began on 15th February 2019 where designers such as Christopher Kane, Burberry and Alexa Chung showed us what we should be wearing next season. Bright colours are set to brighten up our winter wardrobes, whilst textures add interest to our outfits. Silhouettes are flattering and feminine, taking inspiration from historical references. This is a summary of the key trends you'll want to know about:

Red Impact

Whilst yellow was everywhere at New York Fashion Week, bold red was a visible trend in many shows at London Fashion Week. Symbolic of passion, love and adventure, this colour makes a big statement. The bright hue was splashed across dresses, coats, and skirts at brands including Christopher Kane and Jamie Wei Huang. The shade was either used as a block colour or worked into prints to add a vibrancy to the looks.

Bright Tights

Throw out your black tights and buy some colourful ones if you want to be on-trend next season. Designers such as Ashley Williams and Shrimps favoured printed and pastel tones to inject fun into their looks. Whether you want to add a subtle pop of colour to your look or use them to clash prints, bright tights might be the way to go.

Feather Effect

Also seen in New York, feathers remained a theme in looks from London Fashion Week designers including, Erdem and Huishan Zhang. Sequins were the embellishment of last season however this season things become softer to add a luxurious feel to garments. Whilst some used feathers from real birds, others chose to recreated the effect using other fabrics such as wool and taffeta.

Black Leather

Following on again from New York, black leather could be seen across multiple shows in London such as, Christopher Kane and Alexa Chung. Whether it be a long trench or sculpted blazer, dark leather gives an edgy vibe to any look. This fabric was mostly seen in all black looks creating a gothic feel. Not only stylish but also practical for the typical cold, rainy English weather, expect to see a lot of leather next season.

Typically British

Check print doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. British-inspired patterns such as plaid, houndstooth and argyle stood out from the rest at brands such as Molly Goddard and J W Anderson. The trend could be seen subtly on the lapels of coats or in bold colours across knits.

Sculpted Silhouettes

Corsets, bralets and bodices were layered over other garments or incorporated into them to emphasise the feminine shape by brands including Charlotte Knowles and Chalayan. Some bralets included cutouts, patterns and contrast stitching to add interesting details to the look.

Historical Inspiration

Designers at London Fashion Week took inspiration from the history books using Elizabethan styles and frilly peplum details within their collections. Frilled, taffeta necklines and oversized sleeves create big impact the runway at designers such as Christopher Kane and Nabil Nayal.

To read more about the trends we saw at London Fashion Week visit here.

Written by Ellie Colyer. Visit me here.

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