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Farm Girl Café

Just a five minute walk from Notting Hill Gate station lies Farm Girl Café; a perfect brunch spot. The restaurant is located in a small alley on Portobello Road so if you are visiting the area you should definitely pop into Farm Girl for a colourful latte and a bite to eat. Most of the menu is vegan and gluten free but it doesn’t affect the taste in the slightest.

I began working at Farm Girl 7 months ago. Although it can be very stressful and tiring sometimes, it’s a fun fast paced environment and everybody that works there is friendly, from completely different backgrounds. Working at Farm Girl has taught me how to deal with customer problems quickly and multitask lots of things at once.

The most popular dish is without a doubt the Avocado Toast; many customers have said it’s the best they have ever had. Their chunky avo is mixed with lemon and coriander and either pomegranate seeds or strawberries are sprinkled on top depending on the season, making it the tastiest avocado toast I have ever had in my opinion too. Another of my favourites is the Chicken Sandwich, although for a vegan alternative the Coconut BLT is just as tasty and they are both decent sizes. Another popular dish is the Berry Pancakes which are gluten free as they use buckwheat flour but you would never taste the difference. The dishes on the menu are not the only delicious things Farm Girl have to offer. Up on the counter are lots of cakes including vegan doughnuts and brownies, as well as different flavoured croissants (raspberry, pistachio and almond).

The queue may sometimes be long to get in but I would recommend visiting Farm Girl in the week as it is less busy than the weekend. There are also two other Farm Girls in Carnaby Street and in Chelsea (which is open in the evenings for dinner) that serve similar dishes. After visiting Farm Girl Chelsea for the first time a couple of weeks ago, I can now recommend the Steak, as well as the cocktails.

Images : @farmgirlcafe Instagram

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