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Our favorite new artists:

Kool Kat:

The Copenhagen born, but London based singers debut single “hermetic beauty” came out February 22nd this year. Kool Kat is a bit of a wonder woman considering that not only does she sing, but she also writes and produces her own music. Her silky, jazzy voice and instantly appealing melodies will draw you in and make you forget your surroundings just for a moment. Her songs are not only inspirational, but also contain a hidden message; “I am inspired by today’s society and how we struggle with social media, identity, materialism, self-reliance (or lack of the same), and individualism.”

The single “hermetic beauty” is sexy, deep, dramatic and is inspired by fourth-wave feminism and recorded by Kool Kat herself on a trip to Brazil. We love the jazz and trip hop universe that Kool Kat creates and invites us into, and with a new single dropping in September, we can’t wait to see what this young artist will deliver next.

Basette: The R&B artist Basette started out in a similar way to Justin Bieber, by posting videos on YouTube before she took on writing her own music. With strong vocals, and soul mixed with a vulnerability she will draw you in and draw your attention towards her voice. Her single “boys with guitars” ft. ishDARR dropped last year and it is still my favorite song of hers with heavenly vocals and the perfect blend between IshDARR’s guest verse and Bassette’s confidence.

Bassette is, like Loyle Carner, also a family girl and states that her family is her backbone and that “There’s a lot of family support. They’re investing in the product. I’ve moved back home to save money as well. It’s all coming together.” and is also shedding some light on some of the struggles that young artists have to overcome.

Sam Tompkinson and Ren: First featured on UNILAD sounds, these lads make truly amazing music. With Ren as a cool rapper and guitarist and Sam with his amazing voice and ability to hit notes you wouldn’t believe possible, these two make an amazing duo. With the new single “blind eyed” that hit over 300.000 views on YouTube, they have truly hit the jackpot. This single is catchy, well written and gives a vibe that makes you want to sing along we are very curious to see where this will go. We don’t know much about them yet, but we are sure that it is only a matter of time before someone will discover the amazing talent these two lads contain.

Loyle Carner: UK’s new Hip Hop star, Loyle Carner, has over the years gone from being unknown to a rising star with the debut album, that really carries on the hype about him it came as no surprise that this artist was nominated for the Mercury Price. His single “the Isle of Arran” also has a deeper meaning to it and this single was dedicated to celebrate young dads and the inspiration comes from some of Loyle Carner’s childhood memories where he used to chill with his grandad.

Carner describes himself a family man and stated his family as being the biggest influence and there is no doubt that they are very important to him.

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