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My life as a pescatarian.

I chose to let go of meat and live my life as pescetarian a while ago now and people often ask me “do you ever get tired of eating the same thing over and over again?” or “I can’t understand why you would choose to live like that”, but the truth is, that my life has not changed at all. The only thing that changed, is that my plate no longer contains meat and I am fully satisfied with every meal that I have. I am leading a healthy lifestyle and I only eat fish and I never have a boring meal, it is all about using your creativity. If you are sitting out there and would like to try the meat free lifestyle, but simply do not know where to start, then a good advice is to google your favorite dishes and look at the meat substitutes that other people use. Google is a helping hand and there is lots of blogs out there for an example “pescetarian kitchen” and “posh pescetarian” where you without a doubt can find whatever you are looking for.

You can also use this as inspiration for other dishes and slowly you will notice that your creativity is no longer a problem and that living without meat is not boring at all.

Some of my favorite dishes to eat is definitely kale wraps with cod and salsa, salmon burger with avocado or mushroom soup with rosemary and nuts. These dishes are super easy to make and does not take more than 30 min. to prepare. I also discovered that I really love kale, collards, lentils, quinoa and bulgur, which I never really tried before. With these 5 ingredients, you can make delicious dishes and I use quinoa in the morning and the evening, since that is it super healthy and it gives you a feeling of being full.

To become a pescetarian or a vegetarian, it can be a good idea to start out easy with a couple of days a week without meat before going full vegetarian/pescetarian, but I simply decided on a Friday, while having dinner with my friends, that I no longer had the need for meat and that became my last day as a meat eater.

As a pescetarian/vegetarian you always need to remember that you made this choice for yourself and that you should not try to force others to live like you. I definitely felt some changes to my body from stop eating meat. On the plus size my stomach is no longer as bloated as before and my headaches are much better now.

For more of the life of a pescetarian and vegetarian, check out my three favourite instagrammers, that really understands to use their creativity. Check out Lovelandlemons, pescetarianfood,

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