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Clerkenwell Design Week

Design week events are happening throughout Clerkenwell from the 22th till 24th May. Today we went along to watch a talk from Magnum Photos about Photography & Place. It took place in Fora Space, a ‘pro-working space’ which has been designed beautifully to offer meeting spaces, offices and communal areas. The talk was presented by their Global Cultural Director, Sophie Wright and she discussed the agency’s work and specifically their Live Lab London in which three of their photographers responded to a brief based upon the Clerkenwell area. It was really interesting to hear about the processes of the creative projects for their successful photographers and how important collaboration is to make something interesting and new. Magnum have been established since 1947, so there is great heritage to the company and they have created some of the world’s most recognisable and influential photographs. So it was really interesting to hear from a company with such renowned photographers.

There is so much going on throughout Clerkenwell this week, and on the way to the talk we found so many interesting companies and products being displayed. Ooho! is a product by Skipping Rocks Lab, who are a seaweed-tech startup based in London. They created Ooho! which they describe as the “edible water bottle” with the aim to create a waste-free alternative to plastic bottles. After experiencing the product myself, I am so amazed by the technology and how they have managed to create a cheaper option to plastic which is harmless to the environment.

Another product we were introduced to is Orrb. The company’s aim is to solve the issue of wellness and learning in the workplace and the product is described as a ‘gymnasium for the mind’. It is essentially a pod in which you can sit inside and experience learning, relaxation and wellness and they are designed to be used within workplaces to give employees a space of consideration and reflection. I think this is a great idea as it gives workers a chance to get a break from the stress of the office and I think this could have a beneficial impact on the productivity of workers.

Overall, Clerkenwell Design Week has been such a great experience so far, and getting to see so many new and exciting brands has been really inspiring. I highly recommend going along to the final day of the event tomorrow if you get a chance.

For more information about Clerkenwell Design Week click here.

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