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Struggling for Father's Day ideas?

It’s that time of year again (17th June) when you’re struggling on what to get your dad for Father’s Day. You want to get him something to show you appreciate him whether that’s a day he’ll remember or a gift you’ll have no doubt he loves. In the past you may have struck-out with lame and generic presents for him, but not this year! Take a look below to see what great ideas we have for his special day.


If your dad is the business-type he’s most likely sick of the standard cuff-links/tie set… why not shake things up this year and go all out with a Matt and Nat vegan leather, cruelty free briefcase. This product is polished and professional, also available in a few colour ways and styles to suit his tastes. If your dad isn’t likely to be seen carrying a briefcase, still check out the Matt and Nat website, for more cruelty free products your dad would appreciate like a new wallet or rucksack and even shoes!

Not all dads want material items, some just prefer you to spend some quality time with them over a nice meal or a pint in the pub. One of the best things about London pubs is that you can bounce from historic and traditional to modern and trendy places all offering unique vibes. Depending what type of pub your father may frequent, whether it’s classy and respectful or dingy and rowdy, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite pubs across the capital which you and your dad (and friends) can take a trip to.


Where: Covent Garden

Award-winning place well known for their traditional ciders and perries from all around the country. The Harp is a great example of a traditional British ale house where prices are blissfully low, making it a rare find for Covent Garden ale-ficionados. The Harp is also cherished by an artistic audience, with many of the stars of nearby opera houses partaking in post-show pints.

Where: Holborn

This pub is known for its traditional, ornate Victorian interior. It serves a range of Sam Smiths beers and serves pub food. If you’re looking for an honest, traditional Great British Pub, the Princess Louise is the place to go.


Where: Hackney

This pub is excellent to spend with your dad, with a cosy atmosphere, a captivating food menu and a welcoming vibe. It’s perfect for the weekend – start with lazy afternoon grazing and then move onto G&Ts on the smoking deck. You could easily spend a good few hours here talking and eating and drinking – spending quality time with your dad.

If going to the pub isn’t your (dad's) thing take a look at our other article on different ways to spend your time in London or Birmingham.


Finally, if your dad is one of those types who swears they don’t want a gift, and neither of you have the time to coordinate schedules to spend an evening together, go for the age-old classic: a pair of socks. But not just any pair, these Tightology socks have a social and environmental conscience. With a great design aesthetic, emphasis on fine quality and use of fair-trade practices, Tightology is loved by the fashion and the environmentally conscious alike. Plus, they’re so soft your dad will want socks for his birthday, Christmas and next Father’s Day!

Father’s Day isn’t about gifts or how much money you can spend, just use the day to show your dad you appreciate him. Whether it’s something as small as a pair of socks or organising a weekend away just make sure you take the time to show your dad some love this Father’s Day.

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