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Thinking about becoming vegan?

Veganism is the new lifestyle taking over – particularly with millennials. It’s not hard to see why: firstly, with many celebrities such as Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez, embracing the cruelty-free way of life, this not only increases awareness but could influence more people to shift their lifestyles. Secondly, with increasing media coverage of global warming, millennials in particular want to see a better environment for future generations – veganism boasts how much better it is for the environment, using less resources and more natural ingredients. Finally, a vegan diet means you can cut down on cholesterol, saturated fats and increase fibre from fruits and vegetables and all together consuming fewer calories. Part of the appeal of a vegan diet is that many people tend to lose weight from it as it can be considered a detox from highly processed and high calorie foods we eat daily. Veganism isn’t just about eating healthy it is about reducing the amount of all animal products we consume, such as leather. #veganfashion is a trending topic on social media and below are some of the best vegan bloggers who tackle how to dress, eat and live vegan.

Firstly, Instagram influencer and YouTuber Amanda (aka @rawmanda) converted to veganism in 2014 and never looked back. She describes her philosophy on health is simple: “feel your best by eating fresh, natural, living, unprocessed foods.” She has her own website, YouTube channel and Instagram account devoted to educating her followers on the benefits of living vegan, sharing what vegan products she loves and how-to tutorials showing how to make vegan meals. She also shares with her followers the best vegan restaurants in her home city of Los Angeles. - 1,000+ subscribers - 500,000+ followers

Schyler Whitney was raised in Texas and so was introduced to meat early but describes how since turning vegan she has “never felt better”. Schyler grew up a passionate animal-lover and turned to veganism after deciding it was “time to make a change”. Her Instagram account (@msvegan) focuses on food, fashion and fitness and claims to turn “carnivores into herbivores, one dish at a time”. Her Instagram posts photos of the delicious food she makes and the vegan recipes which can be found on her website. Also on her website she sells her own vegan-inspired jewellery, often featuring various exotic fruits. 17,000+ followers

Germany-based Instagram influencer and blogger, Laura, writes about “food and various other health and travel related topics to inspire you to live a healthier life”. She believes “health equals happiness and taking care of your body is the highest form of self-respect.” She has been vegan for 3 years and shares her experiences via her blog and Instagram. She combines a vegan lifestyle with travelling and blogging on her website, even most recently posting an article about the “best vegan-friendly Bali restaurants for perfect Instagram shots”. 105,000 followers

With these glamourous women, and thousands more not mentioned, posting about the joys of living the vegan life it’s hard to resist the lifestyle shift. With the thousands of delicious looking recipes online, increasing amounts of vegan restaurants popping up (such as Food For Friends, Brighton; Black Cat Cafe, London; The Waiting Room, London and V-Revolution, Manchester) and more brands making ethically produced or vegan products, like Matt & Nat or From St. Xavier, it’s now easier than ever to go vegan!

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