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My Favourite Fitness Bloggers for Gym Motivation

It can be hard to stay motivated in the gym sometimes and I know this feeling all too well. When its raining and cold in the winter time the last thing you want to do is go to the gym when you could be cosy indoors. These bloggers post great content that keeps me motivated when I'm struggling to get going:

Ashleigh is an amazing fitness blogger who posts daily videos of circuits you can use in the gym based on a single muscle group for example: hamstrings. She posts videos of the exercises that you can follow along with and she adds the muscle group in big letters on the first video so you can easily scroll through her Instagram and find which workout would suit you that day. Her outfits are always bright and bold and inspire me to wear more fun activewear. Get her look in our amazing Body Language Activewear that has the best fun gym wear!

Grace is a fitness blogger with an inspiring story. Since she started blogging, she had built up an amazing business selling workout accessories and gym guides that have a huge following. Whilst doing this she had managed to study Music at Oxford University. She posts helpful videos on Instagram and YouTube about everything from 'What's in my gym bag' to organisation tips that will help you stick to a schedule.

If you are a gym pro but get bored of doing the same workouts over and over, you need to follow this blogger. Stefanie posts hardcore workout videos that are sure to make you sweat and you'll leave the gym feeling like you've worked hard. Stef also has a fitness guide that is available to purchase but you can also follow along with the videos she posts on her Instagram regularly. Her workout outfits are always colourful and full of pattern and you can find similar items at Body Language Sportswear.

Meggan is more of a lifestyle blogger, posting hauls and outfit of the days onto her Instagram and youtube page. However, her fitness videos are great to keep you motivated when you can't think of what to do at the gym. She posts video on getting creative with cardio as well as building muscle through heavy lifting. Her bubbly personality and quirky fashion sense keeps her content fresh and engaging whilst motivating me to get active!

Finally, Faya aka Fitnessontoast, is a great fitness blogger who posts tips and tricks to stay motivated on her blog. Posts such as styling activewear for everyday as well as healthy recipies and her top exercises are inspiring and keep me motivated when I feel like I can't be bothered. She's also been spotted wearing yoga inspired clothing brand, Om+Ah and looks so gorgeous!

Written by Ellie Colyer. For more about me visit here.

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