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Camden Town - Do's and Dont's

Camden is absolutely one of my favourite areas in London and it attracts thousands and thousands tourist every year. Camden offers everything that the heart desires from delicious food, shopping with unique and special made items and fun things to do, such as mini golf or karaoke. To get the best out of your experience, I have made a do’s and dont’s for Camden market.

Do’s: When you come out of the station, walk to the buck street market if you’re looking to do some shopping for your wardrobe. In this market, you will find special made clothing that comes in all shapes and sizes and can be styled in 100 different ways. The independent shops all have their own style, which really allows you to spice up your wardrobe in a different way. Here you will find handmade and vintage jewellery, that is all different and unique in their own way. Here you will have the opportunity to really put a personal touch on your own style with rings in hundreds of different colours and necklaces and earrings in different shapes and materials. The buck street market also offers handcrafted leather goods and one of my favourite shops is the M&M leather workshop. They have amazing leather bags in high quality and costume made design. If you do not like any of the combinations that they have already made, you can design your own bag and pick it up after only two days. This is an outdoor market, so if you want to avoid the crowd, try to visit during the weekday, as there are over 200 stalls and it can be very packed during the weekend.

Another market to visit is the stables market that contains nearly 700 different shops, with vintage clothing, retro furniture and different handcrafted shops. Here you will also find shops from all over the world and I especially like to have a look at the Indians shops, because you can find beautiful items that will fit in every home and it give you an opportunity to create a new and unique atmosphere in your home. You can also just take walk around and enjoy the narrow streets full of new and special items.

Here you will also find one of the best mini golf courses I have been to and that is Plonk Golf and it is only 5 pounds. To finish a perfect shopping day, visit the food market. The food here is delicious and you will not be disappointed. There is something for every taste and even though I am a Pescatarian, I still have a lot of choices and I especially love the Venezuelan wraps from Arepazo Bros. Dont’s: As soon as you arrive to Camden high street you will be greeted with lots of independent shops. It is fun to look at, but most of these goods are fake goods and in poor quality, so instead of shopping in the high street, take a look at the amazing buildings facades, that is decorated in different ways to describe their shop and head on to the real markets. I will recommend you to take a look at the black and orange dragon at Max Orient or the huge elephant at the Indian restaurant, both located on the high street.

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