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Gorgeous New Stores to Purchase Matt & Nat!

As Matt & Nat’s brand is ever expanding, so are their stockists, so now it’s easier than ever to have an amazing in-store experience and see the products for yourself. You can now find Matt & Nat in John Lewis and Soletrader, two retail giants, which is a huge achievement for the brand. But this blog post is to shine some light on a couple of their other stockists, who's stores have incredible interior design. Matt & Nat say that their brand values are “social responsibility, excellence, inclusiveness, integrity, learning, authenticity and, of course, love” and the below stores share these values and are perfect new places to visit!

Located in Dublin’s creative district, Atrium is one of Ireland’s best concept stores for fashion and lifestyle. They carefully curate their collections, selecting sustainable brands who are open about the origins of their products as they aim to “lead the way in sustainable lifestyle design”. They stock both Irish and International designers, as well as their own fine jewellery collection, making the store very eclectic as they have a huge range of styles. The store is also a creative hub, having regular installations, exclusive collaborations and art exhibitions within the store, so there’s always something new and exciting going on!

The sustainable ideology of Atrium is reflected by the store’s interiors, with plants and greenery throughout giving it a fresh and natural look. White walls and grey flooring give a gorgeous minimal look which fits the luxury products in store. The carefully selected products are just as beautiful as the store itself. Ensure that you follow Atrium on instagram, as they have such beautiful imagery and inspiring flat-lays which feature their beautiful environmental brands.

Another beautiful store is Green Laces in Stockholm, selling specifically vegan and eco-friendly shoes and accessories, this store is perfect for those conscious shoppers looking for amazing design. They aim to get complete transparency from brands, so that shoppers have peace of mind that their purchases are made in a sustainable and ethical way. Green Laces is a PETA certified company and their mission statement is to create a sustainable world where people and animals can live full and joyful lives. They even offer a discount to their customers who are a member of animal rights, promoting this movement. All of their products are 100% cruelty free, meaning that vegans can shop with ease, knowing that every product they see aligns with their beliefs. The design is not compromised by these strong environmental views, as they really love brands who have well considered aesthetics.

The store was designed in collaboration with Cray Collective, which is a design collective of young designers and artists who create aesthetically playful work, including the gorgeous Green Laces store. These photographs are by Lina Nyberg, and you can see the stunning colour scheme and overall design of the store. The use of pastel tones alongside curved shapes creates a beautifully soft and thoughtful design, making the products really stand out in the store. The palette and layout is reminiscent of Gucci’s FW18 show’s set design, and give major Miu Miu vibes. So the influence of fashion is clearly seen throughout, linking both the lovely products with the store design itself.

With Matt & Nat now being stocked in Anthropologie on Regent Street and Kings Road, it appears that they want to provide more pieces for their vegan customers. Anthropologie say that their customer is “a creative-minded woman, who wants to look like herself, not the masses. She has a sense of adventure about what she wears, and although fashion is important to her, she is too busy enjoying life to be governed by the latest trends”, so it’s a perfect store to go to if you want to be effortlessly dressed and you need a well curated store to provide you with the garments to do so all in one place.

The Anthropologie Regent Street store is like a forest in the middle of London. The design reflects the boho-chic identity of their customer, with a stunning wall of foliage being the eye-catching feature. The indoor living wall is a project by Biotecture, a company who specify in sustainable living walls. This particular one is 15 metres high with many plant specifies including Spatyphillum ‘Peace Lily’ which is proven to improve air quality. So not only does it look stunning, but you can come to the store to get a breath of fresh air! The water is also sourced from a rainwater harvesting tank, ensuring that the wall is fully sustainable. The use of wooden details on the staircases and panelling really adds to the nature influences of the store as well as Matt & Nat’s love of the natural, making it the perfect place to stock their gorgeous bags.

These stores are all gorgeous, with big influences from nature and sustainability which aligns perfectly with Matt & Nat's brand ethos. It's certainly worth a stopping by if you're local to any of them, but Matt & Nat's gorgeous collections are available online if not!

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