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Storage Container Shopping at Boxpark Shoreditch

London is renown for being a city perfect for shopping, so whether you live in the city or are planning a weekend trip, it can be quite overwhelming when deciding where to shop. If you’re bored of battling the Oxford Street crowds and want to see some new exciting alternatives to high street stores, Boxpark Shoreditch is the perfect place to start.

Opening in 2011, it was the first pop-up mall in the world with the aim to combine street food with local and global brands. Made up entirely of shipping containers, Boxpark is the place to see exciting pop-ups, discover new brands and enjoy amazing food! There is a huge range of brands, both upcoming and established, providing the best fashion, homeware, lifestyle, beauty and jewellery products. Whether you want a classic British pie or some gorgeous artisan doughnuts, you’ll definitely be able to satisfy your hunger after looking through the stores.

The concept of using storage containers came from Roger Wade, the creator of Boxfresh. He wanted to create a new retail experience that put fashion back onto the streets and also provided an affordable way to small brands to gain exposure in a location with a high footfall. You can expect fun, experimental interiors alongside independent brands who aren’t afraid to be innovative with their designs.

My personal favourite fashion store is Nordic Poetry, which provides some of the best, authentic vintage pieces that have been curated according to current fashion trends. The company started in East London’s Spitalfields market, founded by Ameli Lindgren, a Swedish expert in hand picking vintage. They first had success online, before opening a physical store. Considering how small the storage containers are, I am surprised with how many pieces I have found, from vintage Burberry accessories to Versace jeans, there’s something for everyone! They have incredible vintage sportswear, formalwear and casual wear pieces and due to the highly curated nature of this store, it's so easy to find pieces that will fit in well with your modern wardrobe.

To adapt to the ever growing popularity of cruelty free lifestyles, Superdrug have opened a “Little Vegan Pop-up Shop” at Boxpark Shoreditch. They have filled the store with their products which are suitable for vegans, making it easier than ever for them to find suitable cosmetics without searching through the endless products in stores. Superdrug say that they see the importance of veganism, and have been focusing on changing the formulations of products to make them usable by all their customers. I think that this is huge step forward for veganism, as people always think about the food side and often forget about all the other parts of the lifestyle, so I can imagine that vegans are very happy that Superdrug have decided to do this!

There are so many more exciting stores at Boxpark Shoreditch which I highly recommend you experience for yourself, and if you're more of a foodie, head over to Boxpark Croydon which fully devoted to amazing food stalls. Due to the stalls being ever-changing, Boxpark never gets boring as there are always new pop-ups and openings happening.

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